Energy Assistance

The Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program’s primary emphasis is on meeting the immediate home energy needs of those with low incomes and high relative energy burdens, with priority given to the elderly, people with disabilities and families with children age 5 and younger.

  • Household Crisis - Provides assistance to households that are income eligible with disconnect notices or purchase and repair of portable heating and cooling units, or repair of central units for vulnerable households.
  • Utility Assistance - Provides payments to assist low income households to reduce their home energy cost. Clients will also receive energy education, budget counseling pertaining to energy needs.



The application will not be processed unless it is completely filled out and returned with all necessary documentation. Below is a list of all documentation that must accompany your completed application.


Proof of Citizenship –
Current US Passport
US American Indian/Alaska Native tribal enrollment or membership card with photo
Certification of Naturalization
Certificate of US Citizenship


A government-issued photo identification card (current driver’s license, state issued identification card military identification card)


US birth certificate
Certification of Report of Birth
Certification of Birth Abroad
US Citizen ID Card, American Indian ID Card
Northern Mariana ID Card
Final adoption decree showing US place of birth
US military record showing US place of birth

Income Documentation – 

Income documentation for everyone in the household, aged 18 or older, for the thirty days prior to the application submission date.

Benefit Award Letter(s) -   

For any household member that receives state and/or government benefits, including child support, food stamps, VA Benefits, or TANF. 

Utility Bills – 

Include copy of most current electric and gas and/or propane bill (front and back); each bill must have the same address as the application. 

Renters – 

If weatherization and/or heating and cooling services are requested, we must obtain a completed Landlord agreement (obtained at our office).





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