Energy Assistance

RPMC’s Energy Assistance Program focuses on meeting the home energy needs of low-income individuals and families through utility payment assistance and education on controlling energy costs. The Energy Assistance Program is funded through federal and local sources and is not an entitlement program. It is based on income eligibility and the availability of funds.

Clients can apply by calling their local office. Incomplete applications or missing documentation will delay the application process. The following documentation is required for a complete application.

  • Proof of income for all household members of the age of 18 for the thirty days prior to the day of the application. This may include:
    • Four (4) current check stubs, if paid weekly
    • Two (2) current check stubs, if paid bi-weekly or twice a month
    • One (1) current check stub, if paid monthly
    • Social Security award letter for the current year
    • Retirement income letter for the current year
    • VA award letter for the current year
    • TANF printout for the previous thirty (30) days
    • Documentation of any other income received in your household for the past thirty days
    • *If you do not have any of the above documentation, please contact the local office for assistance.
  • All pages (front and back) of your current utility bills – electricity, gas, and/or propane
  • The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) is now requiring RPMC to verify the citizenship or qualified alien status of all members of a household applying for utility assistance, weatherization, and heating/cooling appliance repair. Click on the link for a list of eligible documents to verify citizenship, identification, and/or qualified alien status. *If a member(s) of the household cannot provide the needed documents or are considered ineligible, your household may still qualify for services based on the household income and number of eligible household members. Copies of these documents must be provided with the application but will be returned to the client or destroyed once the household is determined to be eligible for services.
  • Signed Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) System Certification form.
  • If you rent and are requesting weatherization and/or heating and cooling services, please have a Landlord Agreement completed and returned.




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