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Rolling Plains Management Corporation 

Lead Case Manager writes about her client Kristina –

Wendy McChesney
Wendy McChesney

Facing a separation, eviction, and disconnected utilities, Kristina was facing challenges that seemed insurmountable. A full-time RN student, her marriage was failing due to growing financial pressures. It seemed the harder she worked to shelter her young children from the growing stressful environment, the worse it became. Having completed half of the RN program, she feared she would have to quit school and work full-time – knowing that doing so would set her family back even more. Her school counselor told her to contact 2-1-1 to see about getting assistance before she made the decision to put her education on hold. 2-1-1 referred her to Rolling Plains Management Corporation for utility assistance where the staff invited her to participate in CSBG Case Management Services.

After 4 months, Kristina and her husband were back together and he was able to complete his machinist certification. Meanwhile, Kristina continued going to school full-time while her husband worked full-time as a machinist. After a year of receiving case management services, Kristina graduated from the RN program with a job awaiting her at a local hospital. Since completing the CSBG Case Management program, Kristina has maintained employment as an RN and her husband now owns a business. She and her husband have been able to purchase their own home and support their children’s interests and family well-being. #CommunityActionWorks